4 Things to Involve Your Children with During Christmas Time

Christmas is a fun holiday for everyone! Get your children involved in the fun with these ideas:

  1. Decorating is a great way for your children to participate. Hanging ornaments on the tree (especially the lower branches!) is perfect for kids. They feel involved and have a wonderful time doing it. Creating paper snowflakes is also a perfect activity for kids. Create them, then hang them up. Your children will love it!
  2. Baking is always great for kids and this time of year is perfect. Grab some fun cookie cutters and let your kids shape cookies into their favorite holiday shapes!
  3. If we have some sufficient snow this year, you can build a classic snowman! Have the kids pick out creative items to dress the snowman in. It is highly recommended that the family has hot chocolate after =)
  4. Wrapping presents for other family members or friends? Have your child help! Even adding pieces of tape will make them feel accomplished. Don’t forget to tell them what a great job they did!