4 Tips to Help Your Toddler Adjust to a New Baby

A smiling infant on the carpetToddlers are constantly learning a whole lot of information as they develop and grow. Having a new baby all of the sudden come into their lives can certainly shake things up. How are they going to react when what their lives are changed by this new family addition? It can be a transition; here are some tips to make it an easy one.

1)      One on one time. Having a new baby and a toddler can certainly be a handful, but make sure that your toddler gets your undivided attention as well. This will help them understand that they are still important to you.

2)      Involve your toddler. Have them help in taking care of the new baby, simple things like bring a pacifier or help read to the new baby. You might find that your toddler is excited and wants to help out! Remember, no one likes to be left out.

3)      Keep the love. With a new baby, your toddler might test you to see if you still love her. Continue to pour on the kisses and affection!

4)      Routine will help. A new baby means change and that can be scary for a toddler. If possible, keep previous routines the same to show that not everything has changed.