5 Easy Ways for Your Child to Have Fun This Summer

File:Little Boy in Sprinkler.jpg

Have you ever heard “I’m bored!” from your child? Although you might not able to understand how a child with free time (remember having free time?) and all the activities of the summer season can be bored, it certainly happens. With short attention spans and a plethora of hours in the day, children need to be entertained. Here are five easy and affordable ways to have fun this summer

  1. Sidewalk chalk: Keep children entertained for hours in the safety of your own front yard. An inexpensive purchase at most toy stores, you can occupy your child while feeding their creative side.
  2. Sprinkler: On a hot day there is nothing better than some sprinkler action. A standalone sprinkler that rotates is grass and kid friendly!
  3.  Lemonade stand: The classic lemonade stand is a great way to teach responsibility and have some fun doing it. It is important to test the refreshing lemonade periodically…just to make sure it is still good 😉
  4. Flying a kite: Windy day out? Grab a kite and get goin’!
  5. Water Balloons: Always a big hit, filling up and playing with water balloons can be fun and refreshing on a hot day. Don’t forget to pick up all of the little pieces if they break!