5 Great Gift Ideas for New Parents

The holiday season is almost here! The retail stores and online portals will be flooded with people buying each other amazing gifts to show their love. However, do you know someone who just had a baby? The newest tech gift or clothing might not be the ideal gift for them. If you are a parent, think back to what you would have wanted most when you first had your baby. In case you can’t think of anything, here are a few great ideas to get you started:

Time: Although it is not something that you can unwrap under the tree, your time at the place can be a tremendous help. Do some laundry, clean the dishes and just keeping your friend company can do wonders.

Coffee/Tea/Mugs: Chances are, the new parent is having their fair share of coffee and/or tea. Some new gourmet coffee and teas would be fun, especially in a new mug!

Cleaning Crew: Cleaning the house is time consuming and draining, especially with a new baby around. Hiring a cleaning crew to come in and clean the house would be most welcome!

New Blankets: What is better than cuddling up on the couch with a sweet new baby? A new blanket will be great for a new parent.

Subscription Service: Everyone needs some downtime (that isn’t just sleep) and relaxing with a movie or book is perfect. Hulu or Netflix are perfect for movies and television shows . Use Oyster books to rent e-books or Audible for audio books.