5 Summer Safety Tips

Summer is almost here! While it can be a fun and exciting time, especially for the youngsters, it is important to continue to stay safe out there. The nice weather of summer means more activities outside and thus more potential for scraps, sunburn, bites, and more. Although it is certainly important to stay safe, it is also important to have fun! Summer can be a great time, let’s make sure it stays a fun time with these safety tips.

1)      Sunscreen. The benefits of sunscreen are enormous and it is especially important to start at a young age so they get in the habit of using it. Sunscreen prevents against burns, future skin problems, and much more. CNN recently published an article  where a new study found sunscreen protects against aging as well. Lead study author Dr. Green states, “We now have the scientific evidence to back the long-held assumption about the cosmetic value of sunscreen,” says Green, “Regular sunscreen use by young and mid-aged adults under 55 brings cosmetic benefits and also decreases the risk of skin cancer.”

2)      Kids love being outside in the summer, but so do insects. If the kids are playing outside, make sure they are checked for ticks when they come in. Using insect repellent before going out can also protect against bites and stings

3)      Water safety. Summer means pool, beach, ocean and swimming. Always keep a close eye on your child and make sure they follow the rules. Those ‘No Running’ signs are there for a reason!

4)      Playground safety is just as important. Breaks, sprains, bruises and scrapes happen often on playgrounds and can ruin a weekend or even a summer. Make sure the playground is safe and watch

5)      The summer can get HOT and the body needs water to keep up. Make sure everyone is hydrated; especially the kids as excreting energy while running around will require more water consumption.

Taking precautions will allow you to stay safe and just as important, have fun!