5 Tips for a Picky Eater

Getting some toddlers to eat or try new foods can feel like pushing boulders up a mountain, sometimes they just won’t budge.  Don’t worry, you are not alone, getting toddlers to eat is a common tussle in many house-holds. Although there is no magic solution, there are things you can do to make it more likely your child will eat and try new foods.

Respect their appetite, or lack of one

If your child is not hungry, don’t force it. Fighting with them at meal or snack time could cause your child to associate meal time with anxiety and frustration. Small portions will avoid overwhelming your child.

Stick to the routine

Humans are built for routine and your child is no different. Serve meals and snacks around the same time each day.

Involve your kids

Let them go with you to the grocery store and pick out foods. Or let them help you cook the meal. If they are involved, they are more likely to eat the food they picked out or made.

Don’t offer dessert as a reward

Holding off on dessert until they eat other food or veggies sends the message that dessert is the best thing. Although it might be the tastiest, it is certainly not the best for them. Holding off on dessert might only increase your child’s desire for sweets. You could serve dessert only a couple nights a week or redefine dessert as fruit, yogurt or other healthy choices.

Minimize distractions

Turn off television, phones and tablets during meals. This will help your child focus on eating.

(post originally from the Tutor Time Learning Together blog)