7 Steps To More Quality Family Time

Family time is important and something to be valued. With our fast paced lives and business, it is important to focus on quality family time as well. Here are some tips to do so:

  1. Spend more time at home – Plan family nights with board games, watch a family movie together, or learn a new skill such as sculpting or building a bat house together.
  2. Eat in – Slice your food budget while spending some quality time cooking meals together.
  3. No big deal – Take just 10 minutes to get outdoors together and enjoy a breath of fresh air.
  4. Deepen relationships – Exchange gently-used clothes, books and toys, or set up a night babysitting swap. You’ll save money and develop deeper relationships as you give more of yourself.
  5. Make it at home together – Plan craft ideas and recipes that you can make with your kids, and then give away as gifts for birthdays or other occasions.
  6. Family day trips – Pack a picnic lunch and visit a county or state park. Collect coupons, discounts, and free passes for museums and zoos from the local libraries or grocer.
  7. Giving is receiving – Go to your kitchen cupboards, drawers, and that re-gift closet—pull out any extra canned goods or items that would be perfect re-gifts or donations to someone in need.

To accomplish your goal of being more in the moment, all you need to do is be mindful of the present. Decide to just “be” together more with your family this year. What a wonderful goal that will guarantee fun surprises and rewards!

(post originally from the Tutor Time Learning Together blog)