A Parent’s Guide to Taking Pictures

Here at Tutor Time we love our kids and we love taking pictures of all the wonderful experiences we have with them. As parents, you probably do the same, these are precious memories and they should be around forever with pictures! We are past the point of Polaroid and developing pictures, and thus we must adapt to this new age of digital pictures. Digital pictures allow for you to take hundreds or thousands of pictures and have easy access to them on your computer. However since there are so many pictures, they can get cluttered, lost and misplaced.

The first thing you will want to do is back up and save all of your pictures. A computer hard drive is a wonderful thing, but there is potential for it to crash, break or get a virus which could wipe out all of those pictures! An external hard drive is the way to go. A 1TB hard drive can store up to 300,000 photos for safe keeping and is inexpensive at under $100. To show how far we have come, 1 gigabyte (1024 gigabytes in 1 TB) cost about $10,000 in the early 90’s.

Develop a system of naming the folders that you put your pictures in. This will make it easy for you to locate and view the photos that you want. With our wonderful children growing up, lots of pictures will be taken and although the date helps, naming will make things even easier. A name code such as the including the name of your child and the event will be beneficial (ex: Jimmy 8th birthday).

For some of us, our mobile phone has become out camera. However, those pictures on the phone can pile up! Regularly uploading your pictures to your hard drive will save room on your phone, keep your pictures organized and keep your phone organized too! Once a week or once a month will do the trick depending on how many pictures you take.

Happy picture taking!