Are You Dressing Up for Thanksgiving?

Turkey 3.jpgWill you be dressing up for any Thanksgiving events this year? If you are, you might have enjoyed being at the largest gathering of people dressed up as turkeys ever! However, if you have a fear of turkeys, you might have been wise to avoid this event. 

On November 24th 2011, the record for most people dressed up as turkeys was set with a total of 661 people. The event was actually the 44th annual YMCA Turkey Trot, a 5k in Dallas, Texas. It is a family-friendly tradition that gets over 38,000 Dallas residents to participate.

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In order to qualify as a ‘turkey costume’ it must have include a turkey beak, a turkey colored bodysuit with plumes on the back, and webbed turkey feet. The turkeys also had to be “gathered”, this was accomplished by accumulating people in a designated area or a coop for 10 minutes. Fun and healthy!