Baby’s Bedroom is About to Get a Lot Smarter with Mimo

From thermostats to robots to rings to surgery equipment, devices are becoming smarter, more connected and more advanced. Why should baby care and the nursery be any different? 

Innovation is spurred by the desire to solve problems and make life easier and more efficient. If any area can use more effective solutions it is the 3am wake ups and making sure your baby is getting the best possible care.

Enter Rest Devices – a start-up founded by MIT graduates and drop outs that is designed to focus on the development of a smart baby nursery. Their first product is called Mimo. Mimo is a onesie-based baby monitor, that sends breathing, temp, and sleep data real-time to a parent’s phone or other device. 

Mimo is just the start for the company as it plans to develop products and systems that allow for a better understanding of the baby’s sleep patterns, a development of a smart bottle warmer and more.

The ultimate aim is to provide a complete set of products that are orchestrated together by its cloud nursery system. The more data you have, the better decisions you can make.