Changing the Way Preschoolers and Prekindergarteners Learn

See videos of us learning on our SmartboardsIn the past couple of years, several Tutor Time locations have been using the powerful tool of a Smartboard to enhance not only the teaching power of the teachers but the learning ability of the students (Preschool and Prekindergarten specifically).  The Smartboards have taken the place of traditional chalk or whiteboards and have given classrooms and interactive feel that it has never seen before.

Introduced a couple years ago in several locations (East Northport, , Lindenhurst, East Rockaway, Baldwin, MassapequaOakdale), the Smartboard has proven to be a valuable resource for the Prekindergarten and Preschool students. The state of the art technology helps teachers plan, prepare and deliver compelling lessons, while stimulating the child’s involvement, motivation and intellectual curiosity.

The preschool and prekindergarten students have enjoyed everything from learning about counting, shapes, and sentence structure to getting healthy practicing Zumba. This is all possible because of the flexibility and range of utility that the Smartboard offers.