Creating a Solid Bedtime Routine

Child sleepingHumans in general do better with a routine. This goes double for your child and their bedtime. It is beneficial for them (and you!) to have regular sleep habits. This is all easier said than done but there are some things you can do that will create a great bedtime routine for your child.

Set a bedtime. This might be the most important part of creating a routine. Going to bed at the same time each night will help set your child internal clock. When the clock hits your child’s bedtime, they will be more likely to go to sleep.

Bedtime chart. A bedtime chart to mark off each accomplished item could be beneficial, brush teeth, put on pajamas, etc. Some children might love it as well. It makes it clear to everyone, you, your child, a babysitter or anyone else involved what needs to be done before bed.

End the routine in the child’s room. Whether it is with a bedtime story, or a special tuck-in, you want your child to consider the bed a place where positive things happen, rather than where he’s banished to sleep.