Dad-to-Be Tears up in Pregnancy Announcement Video

A recent video uploaded to YouTube by user Erika Jackson shows her breaking the announcement that she is pregnant to her husband Jacob. Learning you are going to be a parent is a special experience and Jacob’s reaction to the news is touching, emotional and will be sure to make you smile!

As she writes¬†in the description of the video, “Before I knew I was pregnant, I planned how I would tell Jacob he was going to be a dad. I bought an art print of the Up house sitting on Paradise Falls (we love all things animation) and wrote him a poem on the back (he wrote me a children’s book when he proposed). This was his perfect reaction!!!!”

Watch the video above. Below is the poem that was on the back of the piece of art.

Adventure Is Out There
By Erika Jackson

Adventure is out there!
I know this to be true
All my greatest adventures
Have always been with you

Adventure is out there!
You always make it so
Whenever inhibition finds me
You remind me to let go

Adventure is out there!
And it will always be
Now that the two of us
Are soon becoming three!