Five Tips When Moving From Crib to Bed

Childhood is filled with wonderful milestones, and moving from the crib to a bed is one of them! For some, the transition is an easy one however many can find the change from a crib to a bed unsettling. It is a new environment so the uneasiness is understandable. When you decide that it is the right time for your child, there are several things you can do to make the move from crib to bed a smooth and easy one.

1)      Make sure your child is ready and even excited for the change by talking up the event. Talking in an excited tone and saying things like ‘big-kid bed’ will sounds very appealing to your child. By doing this, although they might still be nervous, it could give them the feeling of excitement as well.

2)      The new bed is an important aspect of the transition from crib to bed. Allowing your child to choose the bedding that will be on the bed will make the bed and the experience more personal for them. If possible, have your child help make the bed as well.

3)      Saying goodnight! Getting into a comfortable goodnight routine beforehand and then carrying that routine over to the bed will make the move easier.

4)      Be safe! Many toddler beds are small and low to the ground with guard rails. Especially if your child moves a lot at night, you will want to have these accessories.

5)      Patience is a virtue. Remember, there is no set age for moving your child from crib to bed. Make sure your child is ready as there is no need to rush it.