How to Choose a Summer Camp

Now that you have decided to send your child to a summer camp, how do you pick one? There are a few steps to take to ensure that your child has a great summer!

Understand What You and Your Child are Looking For
Before you start doing any research you need to know what kind of camps you are looking for. Lay out the kinds of parameters and specifications that you need out of your summer camp. Ask yourself and your child some questions and answer them before embarking on research. Do you want a summer camp that offers field trips? What kind of hours are you looking for? What kind of theme are you looking for? Do the camps offer a learning experience? Involve your child in the decision making process, by doing this, they will be even more excited when summer camp comes and thus more engaged.

Do Your Research
There are several ways to search for summer camps that meet your parameters.  Search online for summer camps in your area and ask family and friends if they have any recommendations.

Choose the Summer Camp Program that is Closest to You

Narrow Down Your Options and Do More Research
Find a few camps that satisfy what you’re looking for and inquire with each facility. If they offer it, take a tour with a staff member and ask any questions you have. Read any information they have about the summer camp. If the facility has done summer camp in past years, look at any available photos or videos that they might have so you can get a better sense of what camp is like. Check the reviews of the facility on Facebook, Google or other review sites to get some general feedback.

Choose the summer camp and sign your child up. Remember, the sooner the better because they can fill up!