How to Make the First Day of School Exciting

Three children reading a bookThe first day of school is an exciting one! For both you and your child. Be sure to make it a special one for them (and you)! Here are some ways to make it memorable.

Take a picture with your child holding a sign with their grade on it. They might not like it but they will thank you years down the road when they can look back on it with nostalgia! The sign with the grade also bypasses and future questions of how old they were!

Buy a new outfit for the first day of school! Make sure your child feels comfortable wearing their clothes, especially on the first day which can make a child a bit nervous to begin with.

Write a note to put in your child’s lunch.  It can bring a smile to their face when they open it up.

Make the first day of school breakfast exciting! Instead of the normal foods, make something special. Maybe happy face pancakes?

If you know what your child will be studying this year. Start looking at things that are related to get them excited! For example, if your child will learn a different language, start exposing them to that language or culture.

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