How to Prep for Summer Break

How to Prep for Summer BreakSummer is a great time to slow down, enjoy the weather, and have some relaxed family time with the kids. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to create fun learning experiences outside together, but if you don’t make plans now, those precious few weeks will slip by, and soon you’ll be prepping for back-to-school. Here are my tips for making the most out of your child’s summer break:

  • Take it slow: Enjoy the lazy days of summer with the kids before they get older, when their friends and activities will have a higher priority. Look closely at your work schedule and think outside-of-the-school-year box to create family time this summer. We only get a few summers with our little ones – they grow so fast. Make each one count!
  • Take it on the road: Don’t be intimidated by “traveling with the kids” horror stories. The reality of traveling with children is much tamer. A little planning, a realistic itinerary, and kid-friendly destinations make summer travel manageable (and memorable). Start with day trips, and work your way up to overnights as you gain experience. Help them learn all about each destination.
  • Take learning to a new level: Children love outdoor learning. And don’t forget the local library for hot (or rainy) days!
  • Take them to the pool: Summer is the perfect time to start teaching water safety. Children should learn basic “water proofing” skills from the earliest ages.  Bubbles, ice, and water balloons are all fun summer learning tools, too! Slap on some sunscreen, and you’re good to go.
  • And finally, take them to camp! When you’ve had enough fun and need to get back to work, check out your local camps. Camps help little ones stay active, develop social skills, and boost learning all summer long. Day camps are best for younger children; you can start to consider sleepaway camp for most children starting at about age 9 or older.

(post originally from the Tutor Time Learning Together blog)