Preparing For The New School Year

As the summer winds down, a new school year anxiously awaits. You can help prepare your family and avoid a back-to-school panic by following these tips:

  1. Talk it up! Talk to your child about the upcoming school year. Be positive and encouraging. Help your child get excited and feel confident about what’s in store!
  2. Move up bedtime. Before school starts, ease into a school-friendly schedule by moving your kids back to an early bedtime and early rise time. This can be challenging when it’s light outside. Don’t let failed attempts frustrate you. Keep trying!Tutor Time is enrolling now, Infants – PreK! Choose the school closest to you and schedule a tour today!
  3. Re-establish routines. Reintroduce regular meal times, healthy snacks, naps and other regularly timed activities to give your child time to adjust to a school-day routine.
  4. Keep morning madness in check. Get your child involved in the planning process – by having her create her own morning checklists or by having him choose a clean outfit to wear for the next day. Make lunch the night before. Pack schoolbags. Designate a “launch pad” by the door where your child can pick up all school gear.
  5. Attack the closet. Go through your children’s closets with them. Decide what goes, what stays and what gets handed down or donated. Work together to find a system of keeping things organized.
  6. Take the stress out of dressing. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe all at once – just what you need to get started. Let your child help pick out what he will wear. Plan out a few outfits together, mixing and matching new clothes with other items from your child’s closet.
  7. Find a friend. Get together with other families with children. Arrange play dates with children from your child’s class.
  8. Parents, do your homework. Find out about your school’s registration protocol. Be prepared with documentation on immunization records, medical exams and other school requirements.
  9. Do you have an appointment? Schedule appointments with your family doctor, dentist and hairdresser.
  10. Prioritize family time. Be sure to set aside plenty of family time each week to enjoy

Have a safe, happy and enriching school year.