Road Trip Tips for the Toddler

Summer is a great time to take that much needed vacation. Get in the car, crack the windows and feel the fresh air flow across your face with all the loved ones in the car. However, unlike you, your toddler might not have the attention span or patience to be in the car for an extended period of time. These simple tips will help make the car ride a smooth and enjoyable one.

The trip will seem a lot shorter for your toddler if they are asleep for the majority of it. If possible, plan the trip during your toddler’s nap time. This will allow them to sleep during the trip and won’t disrupt their natural nap schedule.

Keeping your toddler entertained is key. Bring toys, games, books and anything else you can think of that will help them take their mind off the long trip and focused on fun play time.

Small snacks are a valuable resource on a road trip. They will help keep your toddler busy and distracted for a good chunk of time. Snacks will also keep your toddlers mouth full and it is harder to scream with a mouth full of a delicious snack!