The Benefits of Summer Camp

Each summer millions of children attend various types of summer camps. Summer camp offers children a great opportunity to gain experiences, memories, make new friends and much more. Here are just a few of the benefits that summer camp has to offer children:

Social Skill Development
As school gets out, children will no longer have the exposure to others their age. Summer camp allows them this interaction to not only retain the skills that they have acquired during the school year, but to enhance those skills.

Children (and adults) function best with a routine in place. Attending a summer camp will create a routine and schedule that will allow children to flourish.

Trying New Things
People grow when they leave their comfort zone and try new things. Going to a camp with new people, new activities and new environments will give children confidence and the ability to grow independently.

Being Physically Active
Instead of sitting all day at home with little to do, children will be constantly moving and keeping the blood pumping.

Experiences and Memories
Summer camp will give children a wonderful experience which will turn into fond memories!

Making Friends
Summer camp fosters an environment to develop friendships. Camp draws people together through activities, laughing, talking, playing and more.