When to Select a Summer Camp

Summer CampSummer will be here before you know it and with summer, come summer plans. Trips, family time, camps, friends, and activities will fill up the summer and the summer weekends quickly. In order to best plan for your family, plan in advance. The short answer to when to select a summer camp is the earlier, the better.

Signing up for a summer camp early on will allow you to better plan your families schedule as well as give your child something to look forward to! Many summer camp programs begin accepting registration as early as February. This is also the time where summer camps will start distributing information about that years’ summer camp, allowing you to efficiently choose a program that is a right fit for your child.

Many summer programs also fill up quickly, so it is important to get in while there are still openings. Summer camp is important for your child’s development and knocking registration off your to-do list early on will allow you to focus on other things!

Choose the summer camp location closest to you