Winter Inspired Recipes for Children

Have fun with the children making, serving and eating these recipes. Their creative aspect will be sure to delight everyone and put smiles on the children’s faces!

frosted-devil-donettes-snowmanFrosted Chocolate Snowman

This recipe is easy enough and is fun to create! You will need 3 chocolate donuts, white pearl cookie decorations, 1 chocolate wafer and 1 large marshmallow. Stack the donuts on top of each other and use the white pearl cookie decorations to make a face. If you want the donuts to better stick together, add chocolate frosting between each one.

PicturePenguin Cookies

Instead of just serving standard Oreos, get creative with them! Using some candy corns for feat and beak, break open the Oreos and make a cute delicious penguin cookie. Use mini M&Ms or mini chocolate chips for the eyes.


Reindeer Sandwich

Take the peanut butter sandwich up a notch by making it into cute reindeer. Simply cute the bread in half and spread peanut butter. Add pretzels for the antlers, raisens for the eyes and cherries for the noses.


how to make peppermint whipped cream - hot cocoa mug-2Peppermint Whipped Cream

Peppermint seems to bring out a sense of the winter time and this peppermint whipped cream is perfect in some hot cocoa! All you need are some candy canes and cold heavy cream. Crush up the candy canes, whip the heavy cream, add the crunched candy canes and whip some more. For a more detailed step by step process, view the recipe here.